Tips to Choose Plus Size Clothes

Women clothing has changed a lot since decades, thefashion industry has made remarkable progress in this line. Choosing an attire for women is the most daunting task, given a lotof choices and lot of competing people around. Each one wants to look unique and stylish, but there are few designers to suffice the entire population. The plus size people were the ones who bore the brunt with simple and same old style of dressing.

Obesity has beenaround, since too long. So the plus size people never got a chance to dress like Diva of their skin and feel accomplished. But, thanks to technology, fashion changes and mindsets, today even the plus sized women have a wide array of choices to choose from and live life King Size, without any hurts holding back.

Here are a few simple rules to follow to make you look like a star!


Add bright colours and bold prints to your wardrobe:

Colours sometimes make you look brighter and beautiful. It’s a myth that says about avoiding certain colours, to look younger and slimmer. Choose any colour that gels with your skin well, exactly cut shape and those curves that will fit you perfectly.

Even a simple flowing gown, which has been cut to perfection, will make you look much slimmer than you actually are. In case you are sceptical about trying bold colours in garments, try them in accessories first like bags and shoes. Look how it works for you and then proceed with experimenting with garments.

Wear more of whites:

Yes, white tends to reflect your personality better. It doesn’t make you look larger and plump. Go in for non-glossy shades, fabrics that are matte finished. Pick the fabrics based on their cuts, flares and shapes, so that they fit well on you, and you can always be confident of looking better and gorgeous. The only rule to be stuck when in white is to wear it slightly thick, else support them with thick linen under, so that your inner beautieswon’tbe exposed to the harsh sun.

Go trendy, go with the flow:

Few people believe only in myths, so they stick to the basic groundprinciples which might actually turn a disaster in today’s extremely advanced fashion industry. So, just follow the trend, don’t be a fall-out sheep.

For example, choosing gowns should be based on your size, get it tailored perfectly to your shape, never wear it loose like a maxi. It highlights your best mode and neglects the odd sizes and makes you look much beautiful. In case, thecrop top is on your list, buy the one that is a bit longer than normal, so that you won’t look in bad shape. Try everything that is on the stand with your size, harem pants, crop tops, tank tops and flared skirts, you will never know how gorgeous it looks on you until you wear and see for yourself.

Wear shirts with more ease:

We observe that most plus size women go for flattering tops so that the fat areas are covered. Shirts are a big no to them! But, we recommend you to choose the exact size and give a try, you will be amazed in the mirror, by the way you look. Shirts that are buttoneddown always complement your curves perfectly. To find the right colour and type of prints, like the chequered or bold printed and wear them with your perfect jean, you are all set to dazzle. To support your shirt and to highlight more of the good shape, wear a cardigan or jacket (leather or anything), you will be taken by surprise!

Pay attention to details, even if it’s fussy!

Plus size people love to hide their curves and hence go for more plain colours with minimal prints. But we recommend you to go in for bolder messier prints, they compliment you much better. Whenit’s combined with the right colours, then you will be the spotlight in the event or on the streets. Prints that are messier are in trend today, so following it will make you an updated fashionista, rather than an outdated old charm lady!

We hope these tips would surely help you, as this is created by expert fashion advisors. For more details and articles on this, keep subscribed.